The Light Within – July 2003

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"The Light Within: A Meditation," Melissa Tidwell
(Taken from Alive Now, July/August 2003, page 27.)

Find a comfortable place to pray, and if possible, dim the lights. Close your eyes and center yourself in a place of safe darkness. Imagine that you can see before you a door left slightly ajar, and coming from the space around the door is a wonderful golden light. The light is a sign that God is present. Focus on that small sliver of light.

Imagine that the door opens slowly, revealing more of the light. It is not overpowering or blinding, but rich, warm, and comforting. Feel the light pouring from the room, bathing you in God’s kindness and mercy. Though you have, perhaps, doubted God’s existence, or gone astray, God is here now, forgiving, inviting, restoring.

Let the light enter you, and imagine it slowly filling your body, from your feet and legs up through your chest, arms, and head. Let your body relax in the light, soak it in. Open your arms to embrace the light.

Spend as much time as you like resting in the comfort of God’s light. When you are ready to end your meditation, allow the light to compress into a small ball about the size of your heart. Store it there.

When you open your eyes, say “God’s light lives in me.” Try to be aware of this light as you go through the rest of your day.