On the Edge of “Yikes”

When were you last out on the edge professionally? personally? Bob Goff reminds us that whatever pushes us to the edge evokes a “Yikes!” Bob Goff:

I’m like, “Yikes.” But you know what you guys, isn’t that where we want to live when you’re following Jesus? Right on the edge of yikes. Cause guys like me … He talks about me in scripture. He talks about guys like me, maybe some of you that are comfortable. And that’s the deal. I’ve got a beautiful wife and a pickup truck and a house and I’m living right in the middle of comfortable and he says, “Bob, live right on the edge of yikes. Cause you know what? Then you’ll actually need me.” Guys and gals that aren’t comfortable, they actually need the Holy Spirit, right? The Comforter. That’s so over my pay grade, but our job, get out on the edge of yikes.


Collecting our hearts into one prayer …

With a favorable eye, O gracious Comforter, behold all that are in affliction; let the sighing of the prisoners, the groans of the sick, the prayers of the oppressed, the desire of the poor and needy, come before you.

Give unto my enemies grace and pardon, charity to me and love to you; remove the cloud from their eyes, the stone from their hearts, that they may know and feel what it is to love their neighbor as themselves.

And may it please you to enable me to love all mine enemies, to bless them that now curse me, to do good to them that hate me, and to pray for those who spitefully use me and persecute me.

Be pleased, O Lord, of your goodness, shortly to accomplish the number of your elect, and to hasten your kingdom; that we, with all your whole Church, may have our perfect consummation of bliss, through Jesus Christ our Lord; by whom, and with whom, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, all honor and glory be unto you, O Father Almighty, now and forever.

John Wesley (1703-1791)

Where are you giving yourself away?

We have greater work here to do than mere securing our own salvation. We are members of the world and church, and we must labor to do good to many. We are trusted with our Master’s talents for his service, in our places to do our best to propagate his truth, and grace, and church; and to bring home souls, and honor his cause, and edify his flock, and further the salvation of as many as we can. All this is to be done on earth, if we will secure the end of all in heaven.

Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

Walking the walk …

Let it be understood that those who are not found living as he taught are no Christians, even though they profess with the lips the precepts of Christ; for it is not those who make profession, but those who do the works, who shall be saved, according to His word.

Justin Martyr (100-160)

A prayer for readiness

O keep me while I tarry on this earth, in daily serious breathings after you, and in a believing, affectionate walking with you: and when you come, O let me be found so doing, not hiding my talent, nor serving my flesh, nor yet asleep with my lamp unfurnished, but waiting and longing for my Lord’s return.

Richard Baxter