Jesus’ Core Values and Bedrock Beliefs

As we are pursuing and praying through our Core Values, Bedrock Beliefs, Motivating Vision, and Key Mission a colleague asked the following question:

  • What are Jesus' Core Values?
  • What are Jesus' Bedrock Beliefs?
  • What is Jesus' Motivating Vision?
  • What is Jesus' Key Mission?
Our "coach" helped me remember why we are asking the question of or ourselves:

Now here we see the beginning of all Christian theology. There is a point
when the memory of the historical Jesus faded, and became reshaped and
recommunicated through the lives and perspectives and spiritual experiences of
the disciples. At some point, somebody asks these question … the whole history
of theology unfolds. How they answer these questions in Rome is somewhat
different from Antioch, or Alexandria, or Carthage, or Cleveland.

To what extent did the core values of Jesus reflect the behavioral
expectations of the Jewish community? The convictions of the Pharisees? The
political ideals of the Zealots? The insights of Socrates? The organizational
principles of Rome?

And yet, as diverse and complex as the answers to these questions might be,
it is incumbent upon Christian leader to answer them for me, for my context, for
this piece of God's mission that I lead. My values, beliefs, vision and mission
should reasonably and reliably align with Jesus. It is the essence of

I thought you might enjoy reading several answers from other colleagues:

  • Jesus’ values: No greater love is there than this, that one would lay down one’s life for a
    friend. A leader must be servant. Forgive 70 x 7.
  • Jesus’ beliefs: To know him is to know God. You will do greater things than he has been doing.
    The Holy Spirit will be your advocate. Whatever you do to the least, you do unto
    Jesus. Eternal life is available now.
  • Jesus’ vision: To bring the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven…abundant life…a
    banquet to which the poor, the blind, the lame, the crippled all get
    invited…not about legalism, but a matter of righteousness, peace, and joy.
  • Jesus’ mission: To Seek and Save the Lost.
  • Jesus’s leadership mission: invite…equip…send…multiplying disciples

  • Jesus’ values: The unloveable are loved
  • Jesus’ beliefs: love … God, and others
  • Jesus’ vision: To bring all people into communion with the Father’s love
  • Jesus’ mission: to love the world with the Father’s Love

Another offered the following:  I’m doing some Bible
study work for myself around what might be seen as Jesus’ mission/vision as they
vary from gospel to gospel.  This is a work in process, to be sure, so it’s not
fully fleshed out.  Probably we could do something similar with Paul (even
church by church).

  • Matthew:  The
    Beatitudes as core values and the Great Commission as the Mission – a turn in the
    vision comes with the Canaanite woman and the opening of the mission field to
    include the gentiles.
  • Mark: the urgency of
    the work as a core value and the responsibility of others to get excited and
    share (expressed in Jesus’ frustration that the disciples don’t get
  • Luke:  Luke 4:14-28 as
    mission and his determination (“set his face to Jerusalem”) as primary core value. 

  • John:  Core value: 
    Jesus as the bottom line (“I am” statements).  Vision – orient/transform
    everything so that the focus is giving glory to God. Mission – breaking down
    reliance on the 5 senses and drawing strength, knowledge and hope from the
    sixth sense (the Advocate, Comforter, Holy

Still working on it…
lots of gaps… but this has been helpful to my preaching and to my work with our
vision team.