Expectations of Leaders for Queen Street Church

Our work is providing spiritual leadership to our congregation. We treat our work and each other with respect.

Our leadership is lived out individually by our regular participation in a life of worship, fellowship, and service (worship plus two) and by making a financial pledge (a forward looking commitment) to the church.

In our conversations together we will …

  • Focus on issues and behaviors, not personalities.
  • Seek to focus our attention on describing the situation rather than evaluating the situation.
  • State an opinion and “own it” by saying “this is my opinion.” In my experience the number of people described by phrase “some people are saying” is usually about 3.
  • Share all the information we need to make a decision and not withhold our opinion or information to share with the “parking lot committee” at another time.
  • In our church council meetings we will …
  • Understand that, as a rule, there are no emergencies in church life. Decisions are best made in a prayerful and deliberate manner. In my experience this has usually meant praying over a decision for at least several days.
  • Understand that disagreements will emerge.
  • State our disagreements openly in private and stand together in public.
  • Support the decisions of the church council whether it reflects our personal views or not

I will lead by …

  • Engaging us with the world by reading books and articles that are not overtly Christian.
  • Engaging us in the Word by reading the Bible together in a disciplined way (to be determined in the coming weeks).
  • “Hunching” when I have not done the homework and showing you the data when I have.
  • Challenge us to live out Matthew 18 when inevitable conflicts emerge.