Join in on the NINES Conference

Recently I have become intrigued with folks who challenge each other to say something powerful in a short time. First I met the folks at TED Talks who moved their live conference format to the web. At their conferences a wide variety of speakers had exactly fifteen minutes to present an idea. They now have taken their “riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world” to the web with over 500 talks available online.

Then last month my colleagues Doug Ward and Dennis Peay introduced me through their tweets to a similar event in Raleigh called Ignite Raleigh. At that event presenters had 5 minutes and 20 slides with to meet the challenge “enlighten us, but make it quick!” By the way, you may want to check out Derek Brown’s “What Would Jesus Tweet” presentation.

Now the folks at Leadership Network and Catalyst have combined to bring together 70 presenters who were asked the question “If you had nine minutes to talk one-on-one with thousands of church leaders, what is the one thing that you would tell them?” The result in a series of nine minute videos that start running at 9:09 AM (CDT) on 09/09/2009. Its free, you can eat and drink your own snacks, check your email, send a tweet, and update your Facebook status and never leave home! What’s not to like!

For more information and to register click over to The NINES Conference now!