Here are a few nuggets from day one.“It’s not about who is against you or for you. It’s about who you are for.”Such a great reminder from Andy Stanley. If you’re worried about who is against you, you’ll be a nervous leaders. And nervous leaders lead for the wrong reasons. They are defensive and reactive. “Incompetence irritates me. Overconfidence scares me.”Love this observation from Malcolm Gladwell. It’s amazing the way effective leadership traces back to one thing: humility. It’s the only solid ground from which to lead. “When you obey God you won’t want anybody else’s life.” Rob Bell made a profound point that the ten commandments end with do no covet. If you obey the commandments there is where you end up. You won’t want to be someone else. You’ll want to be the person God created you to be.

Mark Batterson on what he is learning at Catalyst