Personally I am excited about the sharing capabilities, the WiFi connection and browsing for free at Barnes & Noble. 1. Sharing capabilities: One of the best things about hardcovers or paperbacks is that you can give them to family and friends … Nook users can loan books to friends for two weeks and those e-books can be accessed through PCs or smartphones such as the BlackBerry and the iPhone … 2. Android OS: The Nook is the first e-book reader to run Android, Google’s operating system written for mobile devices … Barnes & Noble hasn’t announced anything about putting out a software developers’ kit for the Nook. But it hasn’t ruled out the idea either. 3. Color touchscreen: In the world of e-readers, Nook’s dual display feature is unique. Nook has the usual black-and-white E Ink screen for reading books, but it also has a color capacitive touchscreen … The touchscreen lets readers  browse through books by flicking through them. 4. Access to 3G and Wi-Fi: But Nook is the only one to offer both 3G and Wi-Fi … On launch, it will work only in Barnes & Noble stores, all of which offer free Wi-Fi … 5. In-store browsing: … In a neat trick that takes advantage of Barnes & Noble’s brick-and-mortar stores, the Nook lets users read entire e-books for free in-store.

5 things that make the folks @ WIRED (me to) want a Barnes & Noble’s Nook eReader.