Their conclusions follow a good conversation: BRONSON: The thing is, kids should be coached in how to deal with their emotions. But we do this already – every parent and every teacher helps kids with this, in real time, as real life is happening. I believe that’s how kids learn to deal with it. Very gradually. Through thousands and thousands of real interactions. I don’t see any evidence it’s something that can be taught with a few orchestrated rehearsals of mock-interactions in a classroom.MERRYMAN: The premise of the emotional intelligence curriculum proponents is that you – you children – are not able to sufficiently develop emotional regulation and appropriate social skills and decorum on your own. Your parents are ineffective teachers. You cannot be trusted to learn how to behave from your experiences with friends and family and colleagues. You need to come to class for it. Those who don’t get these classes will lead hollow, hurtful, and overly-emotional lives.

Bronson and Merryman close their conversation on teaching children about emotional intelligence @ NurtureShock