Tom Peters shares how starting something dull … check out his stories of Jim and Larry. Are you ready to be boring?

Not sure what you want to do when you grow up? Tom Peters suggests starting something dull or boring and sticking with it. The wisdom of the “millionaire next door” is this:
• They lived in the same town their entire life.
• They’re the first generation that’s wealthy; had no parental support at all.
• Don’t look like millionaires, don’t dress like millionaires, don’t eat like
millionaires, don’t act like millionaires.
• And most of their businesses, to quote the author, are businesses that could be called “dull.”

And so you want to know what you ought to do when you grow up? Why don’t you get into the dog walking business? Why don’t you clean mold out of basements? Which is to say, anything—in fact, even the stuff that sounds the most dull—can be seriously cool, seriously fun, and seriously profitable.