Rumors: Preaching Materials for March 21

When lightning strikes … sometimes you just have to laugh. via Ralph Milton @ Rumors.

Mirabile Dictu! – (Latin for “holy lightning!”) All the Christian denominations were having a big ecumenical meeting in a church. Suddenly, lightning struck and the church caught on fire! The Methodists gathered in a corner and prayed for the fire to go out. The Baptists gathered in a different corner and prayed for rain. The Quakers gathered for silent meditation on the many benefits of fire. The Lutherans nailed a list of the ninety-five evils of fire to the church door. The Catholics passed the collection plate a second and third time to pay for the damage. The Episcopalians gathered up their incense and formed a dignified processional out the door. The Fundamentalists declared that the fire was God’s just wrath on everybody else. The Presbyterians elected a chairperson to appoint a committee to study the problem. And the United Church people shouted “Everyone for themselves!” and ran for the doors.