Conservatives in Texas Change History. The Texas Board of Education approved a new social studies curriculum “that will put a conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks,” reports the New York Times. As part of the new plan, textbooks would have to call into question the idea that the founding fathers wanted a secular nation as well as the general concept of separation between church and state. Students would also be told about the general superiority of capitalism and be taught about the rise in conservative politics of the 1980s and ’90s. And those are just a few examples of the changes that would be implemented as part of an effort to confront what many of the board members believe is the liberal bias in schools. As one of the largest buyers of textbooks, the changes in Texas, which still need to pass a final vote in May, could affect other states. But that’s not as important as it once was since technology has made it easier for publishers to customize books to specific states. Read original story in The New York Times | Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some things history will judge as folly … it appears that Texans may be leading the way. via Slate Magazine