James Bryan Smith on Becoming an Apprentice to Jesus

James Bryan Smith offered insights into becoming an apprentice to Jesus at The Renovare Conference in 2010. Take a listen to how one “Makes the Jesus Way My Way.”

  1. Deconstructing/Reconstructing Discipleship as Apprenticeship to Jesus
  2. Apprentice Principles
  3. Apprentice Practices
  4. Applying Apprentice: Implementing in Personal and Congregational Life

I am now reading with my Sunday School class Smith’s three book series (The Good and Beautiful God, The Good and Beautiful Life, and The Good and Beautiful Community) that describes this apprenticeship. I commend the series that will help you learn a new life story, develop truly life giving practices, and develop a community of like-minded and practiced souls empowered by the Holy Spirit to become citizens of God’s soon-coming and already-arriving kingdom.