Following Disney into the Future?

In Leadership Journal Skie Jethani, teaching pastor of Blanchard Road Alliance Church in Wheaton, IL, describes the journey of Walt Disney's Tomorrowland.  50 years ago USAmericans were an optomistic bunch, convinced that technology would solve our problems.  Disney said it this way:

"Tomorrowland is a vista into a world of wondrous ideas, signifying
man's achievements…a step into the future, with predictions of
constructive things to come … and the hope for a peaceful and united

It has proven expensive to keep Tomorrowland ahead of our fast-paced culture (any investment in technology does not stay current for long).  The result, Tomorrowland in recent years portrays "a tongue planted firmly in the cheek" version of the future that mirrors our jaded attitudes.  At least one writer laments Disney's loss of their optimistic prophetic voice.

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