What You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About the Aurora Borealis: How the Northern Lights Work and How We Solved the Science of the Cosmic Spectacle

On the evening of February 19, 1852, a scientist at the New Haven station of the nascent telegraph witnessed something extraordinary: A blue line appeared upon the paper, which gradually grew darker and larger, until a flame of fire followed the pen, and burned through a dozen thicknesses of the pr

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New Year’s Eve: Astronomer and Poet Rebecca Elson’s Spare, Stunning Meditation on the Mystery of Being

What is it about the human animal that impels us to interrupt the elemental elegance and perpetual incompleteness of a perfect ellipse with an arbitrary point we call a beginning? And yet here we are, once every three hundred and sixty-some days, marking the start of a new year as gravity — a forc

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