What’s in a name? Mission or Church?

Brad Abare over at Church Marketing Sucks described traveling to Hawaii for a co-worker’s wedding. While there they worshiped at Blue Water Mission, a new church in downtown Honolulu. Brad was struck by the name and it got him to thinking about “Another name for church?” Brad posts the following:

Mission. I think I like it. The word “mission” conjures up all sorts of things in my mind, including:
* Intentionality and focus
* A task or duty to be completed
* Sending out or being sent
* A haven and refuge
* A spiritual place
In other words, mission sounds a lot like church!

Brad left me with the question what defines church? What does the word church conjure where you live? For those who are leaders of other organizations and businesses what words describe what you do? Do they make sense to a broader public? Just wondering …