Chargrill did not make the list, so you know its wrong! Consumer Reports weighs in with its Fast Food Burger Rankings (Really!) via HuffPost

Consumer Reports’ October issue runs the results of their fast food burger survey, taken by 28,000 of their online subscribers. The respondents ranked 18 fast food burgers on a scale of 1 to 10, and the final results of the survey, along with a photo of each candidate, is below.

In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys shared the top honors, each earning an average score of 7.9. You may remember this same burger duo from last month’s Zagat fast food survey, where Five Guys edged out In-N-Out for their best fast food burger crown.

The mega-chain trio of McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, and Burger King rounded out the very bottom of Consumer Report’s list, lending some credibility to this set of burger rankings (though we can’t speak for some of the smaller chains in the middle — Back Yard Burgers, Checkers, Krystal anyone?).



DRIVE 1 – Momentum for Life

This week we begin a sermon series inspired by Mike Slaughter’s book  Momentum for Life: Sustaining Personal Health, Integrity, and Strategic Focus as a Leader.  This book was preached in January and February of 2005 at Ginghamsburg Church (Tipp City, Ohio).  I have visited Ginghamsburg for their Change Conferences and I appreciate Mike’s leadership in helping the church address the world in which we live.  After Cindy visited Ginghamsbur for a conference in 2003, Mike became her pastor via the internet.  She challenged me to listen to these sermons in 2005 and his challenge helped me make some important changes in my life and our family’s life together.

Below are links to Mike’s best books and the Devotional Guide prepared by Bishop Reuben Job and Norm Shawchuck which guides the corporate spirit life of Pinehurst United Methodist Church.

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