8.4 Fill My Cup, Lord – John 20:19-29

Color_3Read John 20:19-29.  Today you read about the disciples gathering in an “undisclosed location” to avoid being seized by the Jewish authorities. Thomas is not with them when Jesus first appears, and when he hears the story of Jesus’ return he demands proof. Where in your life are you hiding in fear of someone else? Where do you need trust the witness of others that Jesus is alive? Are you ready to proclaim Jesus as “my Lord and my God?”


SOAP on Matthew 28:8 – Were You There …?

Colorcover_8Scripture: So they left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy, and ran to tell his disciples (Matthew 28:8, NRSV).

Observe the Context: The women have come to prepare Jesus’ body for burial. The impending Sabbath had left unfinished the burial preparations on a Friday that is now called “Good.” A holy Sabbath of muttering under their breath, slamming fists against walls, hand-wringing, emptying tear ducts, and wailing crashed into this morning walk to the tomb. And now the tomb is empty … what does that mean? Could it mean? Does it mean? No wonder they ran with JOY and FEAR. Had our “were you there’s” turned into “did you hear?

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7.4 Fill My Cup, Lord

7_3Read Matthew chapter 28.  Resurrection! Jesus’ resurrection gives Christians hope for all times and all
places.  The Gospel promises us “It will get better, so much better.”  Eternal life with God waits for all who believe in Jesus Christ. Whatever circumstance has pinned you down today will be overcome.  Not even death could conquer Jesus.  Life really does go on.  Not just on this earth, but in heaven as well.  Our physical life here is but temporary in the grand scheme of God’s time.  Our troubles will be just a fleeting memory when we gather with all the saints and meet God face to face.  Resurrection really does happen.  Thanks be to God.  Amen.