Compliment a Person Each Day!

Social Fitness Challenge #5Give a sincere compliment to at least one person every day this week.

There are two very different ways that you can respond to your daily experiences. One way limits your choices, diminishes your creativity, and narrows your point of view. This response is referred to as mindlessness. The other possible way in which you can respond to your experiences is known as mindfulness. It does just the opposite. Mindfulness and mindful-reflection give you the power to perceive a wide range of potential responses to a given situation and to choose the one that seems right to you.

When you give someone a compliment you are making a mindful choice to create a positive environment by helping those around you feel good about themselves.

Put Your Thanks in Writing!

Social Fitness Challenge #4Write down 3-5 things every day for which you are grateful.

The definition of gratitude is the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful and appreciative.

Keeping a gratitude journal, where you write down five things each day you feel grateful for has been associated with greater well being according to the research of Robert Emmons, described in his book, Thanks!. You may be grateful for particular colleagues, loved ones, or what you found to be fun or meaningful during the day. Examples may also include the color of the sky or your first cup of coffee, or how your morning exercise routine left you feeling refreshed and alive.

You may notice, as you do this, that you are more likely to acknowledge a colleague or friend, or a member of your family. According to the research, you are also likely to notice within weeks that you feel happier and healthier.

Find Value in Someone Everyday!

Social Fitness Challenge #3Write down what you find interesting and valuable about a different person each day.

The judgments you make about others depend not only on their behavior but also on your interpretation of their actions within a social context. By taking a few minutes to acknowledge the unique qualities of an individual you can learn to see past stereotypes and develop appreciation for those who are different from you.